Anti-Fraud Risk Management

Program Overview

The end-to-end anti-fraud risk management solution helps solve many kinds of fraud and credit risks problems, including many fraudulent business scenarios such as transaction anti-fraud, application anti-fraud, gang fraud, black intermediary card and anti bonus-hunting. It also provides whole process risk management services covering pre-loan, lending and post-loan phases such as intelligent credit approval, credit application scores, overdue warnings, and intelligent collections.

  • AI-class Anti-fraud Brain

    The solution relies on machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, complex networks, knowledge graphs and other advanced technologies to establish an AI-class intelligent anti-fraud brain covering fraud and credit risks business scenarios.
  • Combination of Traditional Expert Rules and Machine-learning Models

    The solution fully takes use of the advantages of traditional expert rules and decision engines, and combines the expert rules with machine learning models in the decision flow to improve the overall risk interception capability.
  • Quick Cold Start

    4Paradigm has established a standardized risk prevention and control process, taking account of the built-in general risk-control rules and models summarized by 4Paradigm’s experience to help financial institutions quickly carry out business.

Program Strengths

Leading Business Results

It helps clients achieve better overall risk-control anti-fraud business effects, higher accuracy and wider coverage than traditional expert rules and models with the utilization of self-developed high-dimensional machine learning technology.

Hard Real-time Millisecond Response

Supports responses within tens of milliseconds and makes real-time risk interception possible with millisecond processing speed and model-accurate accuracy

Closed-loop Self-learning System

It drastically reduces manual workload, and quickly adjusts and adapts to fraudulent means changes since the machine conducts self-learning and updating every day based on new data

Machine Learning Feedback Expert

It outputs certain explanatory features; a feedback expert continuously optimized and improved with the mutual effects of expert experience and artificial intelligence models

Cloud + End Deployment Solution

An intelligent risk control platform of localized deployment with independent core risks control abilities; supporting the provision of cloud services to achieve faster and more efficient AI risk control abilities with lower costs

Rich Implementation Experience

The solution has been adopted by a number of large banks with rapid implementation and outstanding results, and is equipped with general rules and models. It is suitable for quick cold start of small- and medium-sized banking businesses, and is able to incrementally upgrade and continuously evolve.