4Paradigm Sage takes the lead to pass EU GDPR certification


Recently, the 4paradigm Sage enterprise-level AI platform has completed the PrivacySeal EU certification process, taking the lead to pass the EU GDPR certification, becoming the first domestic AI platform product to pass this certification.

Data privacy protection has always been the focus of AI applications for the general public and corporate users. The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the most authoritative and meticulous legislation in the field of privacy protection. The regulation aims to give citizens greater control over their personal data by restricting information processing behaviors. Passing the EU GDPR certification this time, 4Paradigm Sage platform’s empirical data security and trustworthiness is based on its privacy computing technology. It meets the current highest global standards for personal data protection and corporate AI applications.

4Paradigm Sage enterprise-level AI platform integrates a number of industry-leading data protection algorithms such as differential privacy, federal migration learning, and automatic multi-party machine learning to protect privacy. While ensuring data security and reliability in enterprise AI applications, it has improved the data governance capabilities and availability of enterprise AI platforms and provided enterprises with full-scale products and capabilities of standardized and large-scale AI applications.