Artificial Intelligence Training Integrated System-Enoch 1.0 for Reference
Product Description

The artificial intelligence training system Sage Insight Enoch 1.0 is an integrated system for colleges and vocational schools that provides one-stop training resources for artificial intelligence and big data. The entire system includes three parts: teaching components, actual projects component, and the data component. It has rich video courses, experimental tasks, online assessments, and practical projects. It satisfies the demand of theoretical teaching and is closer to the front-line actual project situation and brings 4Paradigm’s leading AI technology and rich project experience into front-line teaching, helping colleges and universities build AI talent training systems.

Product Value

Cultivation Characteristics

A one-stop all-round teaching and research platform based on the discipline construction foundation and major characteristics.

Flexible Mode

Support the dual mode of short-term intensive training and long-term professional learning.


Integrate the frontline and live field projects into the teaching practice.

Leading-edge Cooperation

Field cooperation with laboratory researchers at various universities, implementing application scenarios.

Cross Exploration

Explore the leading edge of disciplines with the aid of the AI platform and industry data accumulation, and discover new laws and models.

Principle Discovery

With the self-learning and model interpretability of the AI platform, it helps discover potential new laws among many features.

Product Features

  • Teaching Management

    Provide assistance centered around teachers' courses, such as defining lesson plans, managing video content, adjusting experimental tasks, adding and deleting online question banks, actual project scheduling, and teaching process control.

  • Learning Management

    Provide support centered around student learning, such as applying to join the course, course management, experimental task list, online testing system, learning behavior statistics, learning community help, etc.

  • Exam Management

    Provide assistance centered around process evaluation, such as basic question bank maintenance, online test release, key code self-evaluation, experimental report templates, process data statistics, test score statistics, and other functions.

  • Actual Project Management

    Provide support for actual scientific research projects, such as data management, model training, model verification, model launch, application development, monitoring management, and other functions.